Geek Love - An Online Reality Show That Combines Cosplay With Speed Dating

Geek Love is a show that documents the romances that blossom and hearts that get crushed at Sci-Fi Speed Dating, an event held at New York Comic Con and various other comic cons throughout the U.S.

Last year at Philly Comic Con my fiancee and I had the bright idea to have her enter in hopes of finding a hot cosplay chick for us to bang, but Sci-Fi Speed Dating only caters to hetero romance and my lady was quickly asked to leave. Any attempts to do nothing more than simply get laid are frowned upon. Bummer.

Geek Love was originally supposed to air on TLC, but they cut it down to a web series, probably because most of America would understand very little of the references. It’s currently three episodes into the first season and new episodes go up every Thursday.

Two more episodes below.

(Source: Laughing Squid)