The long awaited Meet the Medic video for Team Fortress 2 is finally out. Not only does that mean a new update, but the game is officially forever Free to Play and will continue to make Valve money through microtransactions. Also if you pay attention during the part with all the soldiers, you can see a Rocket from the Chinese TF2 ripoff Final Combat.

Get it here!

Sivics, a user on Facepunch is cooking up a 2D version of Half Life 2, and so far has two test levels done. Once he gets everything all squared away, he plans on creating a version of the game that closely follows the story. Check out this thread for updates on his progress with the game and go to this post if you’d like to try the two test levels yourself. 

Custom Mighty Muggs & NES Consoles by Mike Hates Meathook

These CONTRA and CASTLEVANIA themed NES systems and Mighty Mugg versions of Dante, a Hunter from L4D, and Gordon Freeman were made by Mike Hates Meathook for the newly-launched video game shop Plug ‘N Play. This is the first I’ve heard of a game store selling custom toys and maybe, just maybe, there could be a future toy show with these guys and Albotas in the works. Maybe. ;)

And by “maybe” I mean look the fuck out because some brutal shit is happening. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Valve has some pretty cool new merch in their store. This includes an ingenious sapper iPhone skin, a TF2 Engineer work shirt, and an Aperture Labs work shirt, which should go great with your Black Mesa parking permit.

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