Everything You Ever Wanted: Chainsaw Panda

Limited to only 30 pieces, it’s Chainsaw Panda!  This wonderful piece of sweet ass toy is from Pause and Kevin Gosselin. The panda was created by Kevin Gosselin in the U.S. and shipped to Pause for painting. The resin figure will be available for purchase on Thursday, Feb. 21 at 12 PM EST, and comes in a laser etched wooden create with a removable padlock and chains. The figures are going for $250 each and will be available at Pause’s shop next week.

Select Milk Munny show Munnys now available on the Red Hot Robot online store.

Ranging from $75-$750, anybody not in AZ can now get themselves one of the many Munnys from Milk Munny, including Kevin Gosselin’s “Stone Golem” Mega Munny.

My personal favorite is Stuart Witter’s “Minnie Milk”, which was a bit of a surprise for me, as it’s not usually the style I’m attracted to in a toy, but everything on it is just so well done, and it looks FANTASTIC in person.

Just a reminder! 100% of the money from these goes to the charity Keep A Breast!

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