The Legend of Cage: You’ve Met with a Terrible Face, Haven’t You?

From easily one of my favorite Youtubers Criken comes a modded version of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask in which multiple textures in the game have been replaced with Nicolas Cage’s face. I’m not sure I’ve seen anything as terrifying as the traveling mask salesman with Cage’s face. Truly disturbing.

Criken continuously puts out hilarious videos. If you aren’t following him on Twitter and Youtube, you should be.

Who could not like a guy that puts out this type of great content? Apparently the mod will be released at some point.

Check it: More gaming on Albotas
Buy it: Nicolas Cage Pillow Case (lolwut?)

Morgan Freeman Dressed as Gordan Freeman in Grand Theft Auto IV

wapeddell created this Grand Theft Auto IV mod to allow players to play as Morgan Freeman dressed as Gordan Freeman. Why? Because why the fuck not.

Check the video below.

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