More On That New Eevee Evolution

Nintendo has updated the official Pokémon X & Y site with some information about that new Eeveelution we posted a couple days ago. The English name is Sylveon, which I actually like better than the Japanese name Ninfia.

This means that eevee can now evolve into eight different types of Pokémon, although Nintendo is still keeping Sylveon’s type a secret as well has how to get your Eevee to evolve into one.

Check out the footage below of Sylveon in action.

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Pokémon X & Y’s New Eeveelution

Pokémon fans have been wanting a new Eevee evolution ever since the original Black & White games were announced. This is a leaked image from an upcoming issue of the Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro. The new pocket monster’s Japanese name is Ninfia, it’s 1.0m and 23kg, and it’s evolution method and type are both a big fat secret.

What type do you guys think it is? I’m going with flying just because it kind of reminds me of Skyla from the Black & White series.

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