The Ramen Burger

A carbohydrated work of culinary genius/insanity by Keizo Shimomoto. This is what a line for such a monstrosity looks like.


These Bowls Of Ramen Are Actually Cakes

This incredibly convincing confectionery comes courtesy of Machi no Kumasan, a small bakery in Takasaki City.

And in case you’re curious, here’s a list of the real ingredients that they used to make the fake ingredients:

Noodles – Japanese chestnut and kabocha pumpkin cream

Broth – Early Grey jelly

Bamboo shoot – grilled apple

Egg – annin tofu (Almond jelly)

Chashu pork – raspberry jelly

Green onions – pistachios

The Best Song About Ramen Noodle Soup You’ll Hear All Day

Rapper Steven Jo loves Ramen. A LOT. But probably not as much as THIS guy…

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