Double Toy Drop from ESC-Toy

Erick Scarecrow and co. will be releasing two new toys tomorrow. The Clear Blueberry Mini Soopa continues the series of handmade resin arcade cabinet toys. The color is making me crave some blue Kool-Aide. The 6.5” Pinnola has a killer color scheme. Per the usual, this one’s hand painted, signed, numbered, and packed by Erick himself. They’re limited to five pieces and run $225.

Be here at 11AM tomorrow to get a hold of these classy resin pieces.

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February ESC-toy Drop

ESC-toy are dropping a buttload of new toys today, including the awesome one-off Mini Meekay Darling Meese. Also available is the Dali x Crow Bear with a semi-transparent resin, a new Soopa Maria colorway, and a new Kissaki. Check ‘em out here.

Chelly Chainsaw X Zora Pearlface by Erick Scarecrow X Frombie

In addition to today’s Upchuck Classicko release, Erick Scarecrow is also dropping a new colorway of his collab with Frombie. This limited edition 6” piece is limited to 11 pieces, comes signed & numbered by the artist, and can be be purchased right here.

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Upchuck Classicko by Erick Scarecrow

Erick Scarecrow just dropped an all new limited edition colorway of his 6” resin Upchuck figure. This handpainted "Classicko" edition is limited to 15 pieces worldwide, comes with a 4” clear resin vomit bomb, and comes signed & numbered by the artist. Get it here.

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Scott Tolleson x Erick Scarecrow: Papa Sama Akuma

What do you get when you cross Scott Tolleson with Erick Scarecow? A sweater-clad resin toy, of course. ESC-Toy will release their collaboration tomorrow, January 11 at 11 Eastern. Papa Sama Akuma’s normal colorway is limited to only 17 pieces. Those who purchase the figure will be entered to win one of the two gold colorways. Each handmade and hand-painted toy comes with a signed art print.

I love this guy’s little tooth and huge sweater button. And the colorway is making me want some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Grab one here for $200.

New Scott Wilkowski Customs at SDCC

Scott Wilkowski is continuing his Skin Deep style with several more customs. They’ll be available at SDCC but you’ll have to cough up a few of your own bones for these limited toys. There will be six different sets, including David Horvath’s Flatwoods Monster and Frank Kozik’s Labbit. Each set is limited to 25 per color. The Flatwoods Monster is the lowest price of the bunch at $125. That’s a lot, but damn do I want that.


A Little Bit On The ChubByrd Side: Self produced resin designer toy from illustrator and electronic music producer Joan Raventos from Barcelona, Spain. Help get this project off the ground by making a donation through IndieGoo. There’s some great incentives like stickers, and even a blank ChubByrd for donating just $20.

That’s a Lot of Starmen

Flickr member and follow Pembroke Welsh Corgi owner, Meeellla, crafted these Earthbound mascots out of resin. I kind of want one. Or five.

(Source: Flickr / meeellla)

[Sofa King Cute!] Charuca Minifigures.

The adorable little nuggets of awesomeness are Charuca resin minifigures featuring characters from the Charuca Character Factory. They’re available in bookstores, toy shops and candy stores throughout Spain and range from 4-6 euros (around $5-$7 US).

While they’re not available in the states yet, Charuca will be adding outlets to their Facebook page, so be sure to keep those eyes peeled and hopefully they’ll be available online soon.

[Via Super Punch]

Art Daibutsu Gray by Erick Scarecrow.

Named after the Japanese word generally used to describe large Buddha statues, Erick Scarecrow's Art Daibutsu figure drops in a Grey colorway exclusively through Japanese toy retailer Tomenosuke. Featuring a harmonious mix of both urban and eastern influences, this 6” handpainted resin figure comes signed, numbered, and packed by the artist along with a unique serial number so you know it’s legit.

If you wanna’ be one of the 30 lucky peeps to score this thing, get a hold of

Loving the Kid ‘n Play style flat-top with pencils and the Daibutsus prating with pencils. This is a good reminder that - for truly dedicate artists - art is a religion.

Reminds me of this kid I saw at the mall the other day. Probably too young to even remember when flat-tops where in style in a non-ironic way.

Erick Scarecrow’s LITTLE AXE SNOW FOREST Revealed!

The other day we posted a little teaser of the next release from Erick Scarecrow, and now we’re revealing the full funky freshness that is Little Axe in the deliciously sexy Snow Forest colorway.

And as with all Erick Scarecrow characters, this one comes with a pretty bad-ass back story.

Previously, an obnoxious wolf had lost one of his paws by the chop of a little girl’s axe.
His pride was hurt and he decided to trade some of his valuable fur for a weapon with a local blacksmith.     
Time had passed and snow blanketed the forest. The wolf practiced with his weapon everyday. One afternoon, the wolf spotted another little girl dressed in white trying to chop wood. Flashbacks of his last encounter with a little girl drove him into a rage.  As he leaped aiming to cut her in two, her twin sister dropped from above and beheaded him. A trap set up by the Snow Forest Twins to grow their collection of wolf heads.

Now we just wonder if Erick plans on making a set of wolf figures to get revenge on the sisters…

These 6” hand-painted resin figs come signed, numbered, and they’re limited to just 30 pieces in the whole universe. These are a Vince Toy Studio & Shop Taiwan exclusive, so email vtsstoys(at) if you’re interested in scoring one for yourself.

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