Here’s What Erick Scarecrow Is Bringing to SDCC ‘13

Erick Scarecrow will be selling a buttload of original and customized toys during SDCC at the Dragatomi booth (5350). First up is MK Drake, which is a special collaboration between ESC-toy and Monster Kolor. I hear production is winding down on the Drake collectibles, so if you haven’t picked one up yet, definitely check this one out.

Next up is a customized Funko Goofy with M&M eyes and a classy metallic blue coat of paint. There will be only six of these and they’ll run $50 each.

A blue colorway of the PS-Bot will debut at SDCC. They’re $300 and are limited to 6 pieces.

Alien Cuss are another group of customized Funko toys. There are several solid colors as well as a glow-in-the-dark version. The 6 pieces will be $75 each.

Finally, a smoke version of the Soopa Jr. will be released at SDCC. There are 10 of these and they will be $20 each.

Not going to SDCC? A mixed transparent and solid resin version of Soopa Maria will launch on the 19th for $200 here.

Zone 6 by ESC-Toy

Erick Scarecrow’s done a 180 with this design. His resin toys are usually cute or cartoony. But this one says “fuck that,” rips out your eyeball, and draws a pentagram on its forehead with it. The 8” figure and accessories are limited to 10 sets worldwide for $150. Order one from the resin underworld right here.

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Esc-Toy Early May Drop

Erick Scarecrow and Esc-Toy are starting of May with a splash. Mermadi 2 Villainous is a brand new sculpt with an awesome aquatic color scheme. The watery look of the seafoam green resin is pretty amazing. The handpainted toy is $100 and comes with a water-splash accessory. 10% of the proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, which is pretty awesome.

There’s also a new Mini Soopa Jr., this time in grape resin. This is probably my favorite colorway so far. There needs to be a transparent purple candy cab in real life. The grape colorway is available for just $20.

Last up is a super limited signed-and-numbered Papa Sama Swordsman gicleé print. It’s printed on a 6-color printer and runs $45. 10% of this ones goes to St. Jude’s as well.

Pick up any of the above toys and print right here.

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Little Axe Red by Esc-Toy

Erick Scarecrow’s newest project is so metal. Well, it’s resin, but you know what I mean. Erick’s version of Little Red Riding Hood serves up the Big Bad Wolf’s head, complete with killer blood splatter. The metallic sprays on the wolf’s head are especially nice. This set of two handpainted resin figures also comes with two weapons: the Sweet Steel Axe and the Blue Truth Teller Axe.

Limited to 15 pieces, the set drops on Saturday at 11AM Eastern right here.

April Toy Drop from ESCtoy

Erick Scarecrow will be dropping three new resin toys this Saturday at 11 EST. The vio colorway of Erick’s Soopa Maria figure is a one-off with a very Spring-ish pastel scheme. The corona colorway of Turtum Micci is another one-off with a warm gradient. My favorite is the electric cotton candy version of Chap-Lynn which has a mix of transparent resin colors. The subtle purple stripes at the top are especially nice. This one’s limited to 12 pieces. Be here at 11 on Saturday to grab one of these.

March Toy Drop from ESC-Toy

Erick Scarecrow and company have been hard at work, stirring their cauldrons of resin. This month will see a bunch of new toys drop, but two of the designs really stand out.

The first is the Love Crawler, which is a bruised-up heart. Its creepy little feet and clear resin make it reminiscent of a Metroid, another type of soul-sucking parasite closely related to love. The best part is that they’re only $15.

The second is Chelly Chainsaw Blood Sisters. This is my favorite resin toy in a long time. The glossy paint, the exaggerated teeth of the chainsaw, the rounded edges, the little pants tears and chunks of hair - I love everything about this piece. There are only two available and they’ll run $250 each.

These toys, along with new Armora and Tunic colorways, will go on sale tomorrow at 11AM Eastern right here.

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Double Toy Drop from ESC-Toy

Erick Scarecrow and co. will be releasing two new toys tomorrow. The Clear Blueberry Mini Soopa continues the series of handmade resin arcade cabinet toys. The color is making me crave some blue Kool-Aide. The 6.5” Pinnola has a killer color scheme. Per the usual, this one’s hand painted, signed, numbered, and packed by Erick himself. They’re limited to five pieces and run $225.

Be here at 11AM tomorrow to get a hold of these classy resin pieces.

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February ESC-toy Drop

ESC-toy are dropping a buttload of new toys today, including the awesome one-off Mini Meekay Darling Meese. Also available is the Dali x Crow Bear with a semi-transparent resin, a new Soopa Maria colorway, and a new Kissaki. Check ‘em out here.

Scott Tolleson x Erick Scarecrow: Papa Sama Akuma

What do you get when you cross Scott Tolleson with Erick Scarecow? A sweater-clad resin toy, of course. ESC-Toy will release their collaboration tomorrow, January 11 at 11 Eastern. Papa Sama Akuma’s normal colorway is limited to only 17 pieces. Those who purchase the figure will be entered to win one of the two gold colorways. Each handmade and hand-painted toy comes with a signed art print.

I love this guy’s little tooth and huge sweater button. And the colorway is making me want some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Grab one here for $200.

Humungoid Toy Drop from EscToy

Erick Scarecrow and EscToy just dropped a huge amount of resin toys on us. The Flying Crow Crow Bear is my favorite, mostly because I’m a sucker for purple sprays. Only six of them were made and are available for $300.

The ten-inch Old Skool Kaiju Gaizer Dizign has an awesomely splattered Kill Bill paint application. Limited to ten pieces, this one’ll run you $130.

Esc team up with Frombie again to bring Tunic Kami x Sama Blue. These are all signed and numbered and come with a pin to boot.

Pretty Boi Silver Bastard looks like a killer mashup of Tim Burton and chibi characters. Five of these were released, but there’s only one left. Grab it for $250.

A new colorway of the Mini Supa Jr. has also been released. Clear Cherry is a transparent orangey red, and is probably my favorite one so far.

These are just the highlights of the December drop from EscToys. Check out the rest of their releases or pick up one of the above toys right here.

ESC Black Friday Toy Drop

A bunch of killer toys will be released on Black Friday, including these two from ESC. The Camo Drake is a custom painted vinyl limited to 4 editions. Marina Oyl is a hand-painted resin figure limited to 15 pieces. Drake will run $400 and comes with an entry to win a Drake Shiro. Marina will be $100. Grab ‘em here on Black Friday.

Clearly Awesome Pocket Mummy for Halloween

Super7 and Devil’s Head Productions have assembled just in time for Halloween. The unholy union will spawn the DHPxS7 Pocket Mummy, complete with inner demon. It will be unleashed here on Halloween at noon Pacific for $35.


New Doku Duo Colorway from Brian Flynn
I’ve been resisting the urge or buying a Doku Duo for a while now. Super 7’s newest colorway might put me over the edge though. Purple and gold equals pimp kaiju.
[Vinyl Pulse]

New Doku Duo Colorway from Brian Flynn

I’ve been resisting the urge or buying a Doku Duo for a while now. Super 7’s newest colorway might put me over the edge though. Purple and gold equals pimp kaiju.

[Vinyl Pulse]

New Scott Wilkowski Customs at SDCC

Scott Wilkowski is continuing his Skin Deep style with several more customs. They’ll be available at SDCC but you’ll have to cough up a few of your own bones for these limited toys. There will be six different sets, including David Horvath’s Flatwoods Monster and Frank Kozik’s Labbit. Each set is limited to 25 per color. The Flatwoods Monster is the lowest price of the bunch at $125. That’s a lot, but damn do I want that.


A Little Bit On The ChubByrd Side: Self produced resin designer toy from illustrator and electronic music producer Joan Raventos from Barcelona, Spain. Help get this project off the ground by making a donation through IndieGoo. There’s some great incentives like stickers, and even a blank ChubByrd for donating just $20.

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