Another Castle is one of many unfinished projects I’ve had on the backburner. It first started about five or six years ago. The idea was to take original photos of girls in cosplay or cool outfits or whatever, turn it into pixel art with crazy colors to make it look like 8-bit graffiti or something, and then plop it on limited edition t-shirts.

The diamond logo was meant to be reminiscent of video games like Sonic or Final Fantasy where you have to collect different colored gems and crystals, but then Diamond Supply Co. became huge and I didn’t wan’t people to think I was jacking their steeze or whatever. I’m prety attached to the logo, but I guess I could just use the weird little castle-looking thingy in between the diamonds as a logo instead. Idunno.

The project never came to fruition because I’m unemployed as beans and rely on freelance video production jobs to pay the bills. Starting a brand. It turns out, starting a brand is pretty impossible without a decent amount of startup money. I thought about taking the idea to Kickstarter or something, but I’m super non-confident about pretty much every idea I come up with and get excited about.

I guess I’m shamelessly posting about it here to see if anyone else would be into it. Let me know by commenting, liking, or reblogging or whatever. We’ll see what happens.


Check out the duck triplets rocking Supreme, Nike, MORTE, and Givenchi. At first glance I thought these 3D illustrations by Simeon Georgiev were some sort of limited edition figure release, but sadly they’re not. Just 3D illustrations. Like with a computer. Like they’ll never be on my shelf. Sad as it is, they’re still hecka’ awesome.

(via Highsnobiety)

2013 KusoPop Summer Apparel

Creative lifestyle brand KusoPop just dropped their 2013 summer gear featuring tees that riff on things like Batman, Freddy vs. Jason, Apple vs. Android, Bruce Lee, and even a collab with Puff Nation. If rocking cute characters on your torso isn’t your thing, they also have some more subtle designs like their camo pocket and leopard pocket tees along with a snakeskin snapback. Snag ‘em while they’re hot from the KusoPop online shop.

The Greatest Photoshoot For A Sock Line You’ll See All Day

While we primarily share our love of geeky stuff here on Albotas, we’re also fans of stylish threads and pretty girls. This latest photoshoot by Danny Steezy for Benny Gold featuring the lovely Shay Maria perfectly encapsulates our fond appreciation for menswear and the female anatomy.


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