The Cheekiest Nintendo Figure Of Them All

This is Tharja from the recently released (and still pretty hard to find) Fire Emblem: Awakening for 3DS. She knows dark magic spells, is the best character in the game (fight me!), has cute bangs, and she also knows how to back that thang up like a true professional.

It seems like she’s quickly replacing Zero Suit Samus as Nintendo’s most sexily designed female character. The generalĀ consensusĀ seems to be a mix of surprise and praise that Nintendo would let such a racy figure of one of their characters be produced. People are so excited that they’re even PhotoShopping the picture of the unpainted prototype!

I kind of wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo made Max Factory change the final design at the last minute to be more family friendly, but I really hope they leave it as is because I’m a huge pervert who enjoys tasteless things.

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