Killer Mike: Life Advice

One of the greatest rappers to ever exist recorded some great life advice for Adult Swim and their YouTube channel. Killer Mike gives some incredibly inspiring words in the video up top. Check it out.

Godzilla Trailer Revealed


Comedian Dumps Bodies as Trevor From GTA V

Comedian Nathan Barnatt found a new hobby out of resembling Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto V. He recently posted this video titled Trevor In Real Life, in which he acts as Trevor from GTA V and attempts to dump a dead body in public. Wild stuff.

Next Generation of Video Game Awards Awkwardness

Here’s a collection of worst moments of VGX 2013. They askedTim Schafer if he was high. If you didn’t see the event, just watch this video and be relieved you actually didn’t catch its entirety.

(via Kotaku)

Home Alone Retold by a Child and Pug Puppies

Here’s a video of Home Alone being retold with a child’s voice and casted with a pack of pug puppies. Like, yeah, why not?

(via FilmDrunk)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

Rhino, Electro, Green Goblin. Tween romance. Wowza. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters May 2014.

Corrupted Super Mario 64 Is Super Trippy
Here’s some footage from a really tripped out/corrupted Super Mario 64 cartridge. It’s fun to watch and overall insane, and I’d love to actually play a version that runs this damaged. Peep the video below:

(via Joystiq)

Corrupted Super Mario 64 Is Super Trippy

Here’s some footage from a really tripped out/corrupted Super Mario 64 cartridge. It’s fun to watch and overall insane, and I’d love to actually play a version that runs this damaged. Peep the video below:

(via Joystiq)

Super Hexagon's Demake: Micro Hexagon

Super Hexagon and its design is already fairly simple to see and play, but Paul Koller and Mikkel Hastrup took it a step further in demaking into 8-bit form, allowing the game to be compatible with the Commodore 64. The homebrew project was a part of the RGCD C64 Cartridge Development Competition.

Micro Hexagon is available as a free download for C64 emulators and original C64 hardware, if you’ve got it.

(via Joystiq)

I, Frankenstein TV Spot

From the creators of Underworld comes another film exactly like Underworld. Instead of vampires and lycans fighting, I, Frankenstein features gargoyles and demons battling for the city. And Frankenstein’s monster is now named Adam, for those of you who were excited to see Frankenstein and his monster relayed on screen.

This mess is dropping January of next year and I’m thinking it’s going to to be the biggest critically bombed film of the first quarter, no doubt. Catch it in IMAX if you’re one of those people who love the Underworld series.

Math the Band Release New Music Video, “January 2008”

The greatest band in the universe, Math the Band, just released a new music video for their upcoming album, Stupid and Weird. The video depicts a young girl who runs away from her mom in an arcade and ends up in a crazy adventure where she fends off forest monsters and saves the day. Cute girl, fun song, terrific sax solo included. Watch it, and fund their new album today.

Clemson University Marching Band Does Nintendo

Remember when Ohio State University's marching band did that amazing video game tribute last year? It looks like Clemson University is trying to one-up (pun absofuckinglutely intended) their performance with this Nintendo-related performance. If this goes viral, which it no doubt will, we’ll be seeing marching bands pay homage to nerdier shit in no time.

Play As Classic Snake in MGS V: Ground Zeroes

This new trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes reveals an exclusive PlayStation mission titled “Deja Vu,” in which players can play as the original classic Snake. Completely untouched by next-gen graphics, the original Snake looks hilarious and adds a nice exclusive feature to those with Sony consoles.

Wind Waker HD: Phil Collins Edition

I honestly can’t get enough of these videos taken from Wind Waker HD's selfie feature. From Kanye to Jay Rock, Link’s priceless facial expressions can be used to rap or sing it all. This video has Link syncing up to Phil Collins’ ”In the Air Tonight,” by Kryptick Bidoof.


9 Deadly Killer Pussies Teaser

The Kickstarter anime project from ESC-Toy and Asahi Production is quickly approaching. Today Erick Scarecrow launched a teaser, showing off the design of the 9 Eyes Stone. This stone housed the powers of an evil cat character that nearly destroyed Japan. His powers were sealed away centuries ago, but are unearthed in modern day Japan, wreaking havoc on the country. Someone’s got to stop this jerkface cat, and it’s not going to be the Samurai Pizza Cats.

Get more on the project on Twitter: @9DKP

Conan Plays PC Horror Games

Little late on this, but this is too great not to share. I love Conan O’Brien and his Clueless Gamer segments in which he plays video games he has absolutely no knowledge of. Iin celebration of Halloween, Conan’s playing the spooky stuff. Conan plays Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Slender, and Outlast. Super great video on awesome PC titles you should pick up for a spooky night.

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