Witness The Power Of The Teleporting Camera

Okay, so if you haven’t heard of Wheezy Waiter, he’s this really clever dude with a beard who makes silly YouTube videos that make me laugh. They usually involve video editing tricks like explosions, punching bald eagles, and the creation and murder of human clones. This video where he accidentally makes his camera spontaneously teleport is just plain genius.

Help Us Fight Youth Homelessness!!!

A Little Bit On The “Do Whatever It Takes” Side: Not-so-fun Fact: each year in the U.S. and Canada over 2,000,000 kids wind up homeless. One out of eight kids are forced to leave their homes for whatever reason, and we’re of the sound opinion that this sucks.

To help raise money and awareness to combat youth homelessness, Virgin Mobile has launched DoWhateverItTakes.org where you can make an account and submit your own “whatever.” Your “whatever” is basically anything your friends/family/fans would really pay to see. You set a monetary goal, your peeps donate money towards that goal, and kabam! Youth homelessness: combatted.

Up top is YouTuber extraordinaire Wheezy Waiter pledging to build an igloo, stay in it overnight, and stream the whole grueling process over the internet. With only 12 days left, he’s already met over $7,000 of his $10,000 goal. Go support his shizz here.

Now, us being the awesome dudes that we are, we’d like to get in on this action and support a good cause. We’re always sharing links to cool games, toys, and other junk for you guys to buy, but there’s kids out there who don’t even have roofs over their heads. That’s whack, and we feel kind of like we should do something about it.


What would you pay to see us do in the name of anti-youth-homelessness-ness? We could roam the streets giving away designer toys to strangers? I, your humble editor-at-large could shave a Tri-Force symbol into the back of my head? Play an entire season in a Madden NFL game (ugh!!!!)? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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